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Eight Common Factors Resulting in a Denied Visa
By Chris L.
published at: 2020-07-23T20:14:00Z

Plan for your visa interview and avoid a Denied Visa

Applying for a student or scholar visa is stressful. To ensure success, read this article outlining eight common reasons why people end up with a denied visa.

Factor 8: Lacking Evidence of Return:

This is one of the most common reasons for a denied visa. The visa officers have to have sufficient proof that you have full intentions to return to your home country. Strong family ties, existing capital, bank accounts, and business are evidence that you will return.

Prepare yourself to prove that you are coming to the USA for educational purposes and have full intentions to go home after your time in the USA.

Factor 7: Failing Security Check:

Every person who is coming to the USA needs to pass a security check. If your name is tagged in the system, you can be denied a visa.

Factor 6: Lacking Professionalism:

For your Visa interview, it is imperative that you show up on time; Americans are very punctual. Be sure to dress appropriately; this is not the time to show up in jeans, a casual dress code does not go over well with visa officers. Be sure to be confident in your mannerisms; being nervous can cause a denied visa.

Factor 5: Lying or Telling the Incomplete Truth:

Make sure to be upfront with your visa officer, lying to a visa officer is the quickest way to get your visa rejected. Do not misrepresent facts or give fake documents, if caught you will not get your visa.

Factor 4: Lacking Academic Credentials:

Visa officers are making sure that you have impressive credentials to come to the USA. Do not spare effort in ensuring that you are remarkable.

Factor 3: Lacking Ability to Pay:

You need to be able to prove that you can fund yourself for at least one year. You have to be able to show that you can afford the first year in liquid assets (such as cash).

If you are unable to fund yourself or do not have proper funding, this is grounds for a denied visa.

Factor 2: Inadmissibility Charges:

If you overstay a previous visa more than 180 days or are accused of criminal charges you will not be able to get your visa. If this is your situation there are some exceptions but attaining a visa will not be an easy task.

You can become inadmissible for failing to comply with visa requirements in a previous visa. This includes accepting US Government assistance like medicaid, or failure to comply with health insurance requirements. If you are in the US on a visa and might want to extend your stay or come back, make sure you don't make yourself inadmissible by accepting US Government assistance.

Factor 1: Not Carrying Appropriate Insurance:

Different visas have different insurance regulations. Some require a plan for adequate insurance at the time of the interview; others will revoke a visa if insurance regulations do not get met. Be sure to know what you need and have it. TaiAn International Insurance can help you with your insurance needs.