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Exciting Improvements for IMG TaiAn Exchange Select Plans
By Ray D.
published at: 2019-06-06T05:03:00Z

Summary of Product Enhancements June 2019

The new TaiAn Exchange Select plan has enhanced benefits and lower Premium costs. TaiAn Exchange Select now makes the UnitedHealthcare Options network available to members. The UnitedHealthcare Options network provides access to the broadest top tier national network in the US. Also, policy coverage date extensions are now available for any period of time you choose, so there's no need to pay for coverage dates beyond your travel dates.

1. New UnitedHealthcare Options Medical Provider Network - Simplified Claims Processing

TaiAn Exchange Select allows members to use any medical provider. Our members also have access to the UnitedHealthcare Options network which provides access to the broadest top tier national network in the US. If you use the UnitedHealthcare Options network providers, you will be eligible for simplified claims processing. For many claims, the provider will submit the claim, and no member claims forms will be required. If you use a medical provider in the UnitedHealthcare Options network you will have 20% coinsurance. If you use a provider that's not in the UnitedHealthcare Options network you will be responsible for 30% coinsurance. UnitedHealthcare Options network provides access to a top tier national medical provider network and simplified claims processing for TaiAn Exchange Select Plan.

2. Policy Extensions for the Days You Need

In the past the minimum period of time you could extend your policy was a month. Now you can extend for just the number of days you need. That meant if your travel dates led to needing another 10 days of coverage, the premium cost was for 1 month of coverage. Now just enter your actual travel dates and pay only for the coverage dates you need.

3. Enhanced Medical Benefits - Added Benefit for Bedside Visit

The Bedside Visit Benefit - TaiAn Exchange Select covers "Bedside Visit". What this means is that if the insured is hospitalized in intensive care, they can have a family member visit them and the TaiAn Exchange Select will cover the cost of the visit up to $1,500. While it may not be necessary for your medical treatment, it is an important enough consideration that some organizations funding international students and scholars are requiring the coverage.

4. Premium Rates are down!

The IMG TaiAn Exchange Select Plan is our lowest cost plan for international scholars and students coming to the US. With even better benefits and lower prices TaiAn Exchange Select plan is a great choice for visiting scholars and students. Our TaiAn Exchange Select Plan starts at $35 per month for group coverage for $100,000 benefit per illness or injury and $500 annual deductible, for people under 25 years old.

Which Plans Have Changed?

The TaiAn Exchange Select with 12 month pre-ex, and the TaiAn Exchange Select with 6 month pre-ex. TaiAn Select Extend changed to the United Healthcare Options network only.

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