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J Visa College and University Student Program
By Ray D.
published at: 2020-07-15T14:55:00Z

J Visa College and University Student Program

International Students are invited to the United States to study and earn credits towards their degree from their college or University in their home country. The J visa College and University Student Program can also be used for an internship in the US.

This is an opportunity to share different perspectives and learn from people with different cultures.As well as all other J visa requirements a J Visa College and University Student must comply with the following rules.

J Visa College and University Student Program Requirements:

To qualify for a student J visa the funding must not be coming from a personal source. Funding can come from the US Government, the home country, or another organization that supports international students. If the J visa student is pursuing a degree, there must be a formal exchange program established between their home country government or school and the US school. If the student is in a training program and not seeking a degree program, the maximum length of the visa is 24 months.

Other Program Features:

The students are allowed to work part time as long as they are in good academic standing with the host school. They may also participate in other training if the host school responsible officer approves. Students are permitted to stay for the full term of the program as long as it is a for credit program.

Other Requirements:

A prospective J visa student has their background reviewed to ensure they are suitable for the school. Additionally, it must be clear that the home country of the student will accept the credits from the sponsoring institution. The sponsor must ensure that the student is making progress and continues to adhere to J visa requirements.


The sponsor of a J visa College and University Student is required to watch the progress of the visa holders to ensure that progress is being made and the student is complying with J visa requirements.

Sponsors are required to remain in good standing to continue to sponsor J visa holders. As a result, they take their responsibilities very seriously. If the J visa holder fails to meet their obligations, the sponsor is at risk of losing their status as a J visa sponsor. Most sponsors routinely audit their J visa program participants to make sure they are meeting their obligations. If the J visa holder isn’t meeting their obligations, they can lose their visa and have to return to their home country. Failure to maintain insurance is a common reason for losing a J visa and having to return home early.

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As with all J visa holders having insurance that matches or exceeds the J visa insurance requirements is mandated. For more information about J Visa health insurance requirements check out this article. For assistance finding the correct policy for your needs and budget contact TaiAn International Insurance. They have trained professionals standing by waiting to help you. Explore or Buy J Visa College and University Student Insurance.