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J Visa Professor and Research Scholar Program
By Steve P.
published at: 2020-08-01T15:26:00Z

International Sharing of Ideas

Through the exchange of professors and research scholars, the world comes together in the sharing of ideas, international cooperation and the mutual improvement of all nations. This is why J visa Professor and Research Scholar programs exists. To ensure the goals of the program are met there are some limitations on the Visa holder.

J visa Professor and Research Scholar Rules

The visa holder must not be a tenured track professor at the institution they are visiting. The programs are intended to be exchange programs.

The visa holder must not have completed a J visa professor or research position within the last 24 months of the program.

The visa holder has not participated in all or part of any J Visa program in the last 12 months. The exceptions to this are if you are transferring to another institution, the prior program was less than six months, or the previous program was a short term scholar program.

Visiting Professor vs. Research Scholar:

If the Visa holder is a visiting professor, the primary focus must be teaching, lecturing and observing - the visa holder is permitted to do limited research if the sponsoring institution allows it. Research scholars must have a primary focus on conducting research; a research scholar is allowed to teach if the sponsoring institution permits it. The teaching position must be temporary for the scholar. In the case of both categories of programs, no additional work may be done to delay the completion date of the program.


The sponsors of a J visa Professor and Research Scholar are required to selectively choose the participants of their program with bettering education and research as a key metrics. The sponsor is then required to watch the progress of the visa holders to ensure that progress is being made. Participants must be involved in cross-cultural programs to learn about the United States.

Sponsors are required to remain in good standing to continue to sponsor J visa holder. As a result, they take their responsibilities very seriously. If the J visa holder fails to meet their obligations, the sponsor is at risk of losing their status as a J visa sponsor. Most sponsors routinely audit their J visa program participants to make sure they are meeting their obligations. If the J visa holder isn't meeting their obligations, they can lose their visa and have to return to their home country. Failure to maintain insurance is a common reason for losing a J visa and having to return home early.

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As a requirement of being on a J visa, you must carry health insurance. For more information about J Visa health insurance requirements check out this article. For assistance finding the correct policy for your needs and budget contact TaiAn International Insurance. They have trained professionals standing by waiting to help you. When you're ready to purchase your insurance Click here.