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Covid-19 Coverage - Included in all Student & Scholar plans, HCC Atlas Travel (WorldTrips) and Trawick travel plan
iTravelInsured Travel LX Insurance
Plan Summary
Insurance Provider Administered by iTravelInsured, insured by United States Fire Insurance Company
Medical Provider Network N/A
Plan Type Travel insurance is state based. Plan availability depends on the US State you list on your application. Travel can be within the US or to a foreign country. Anyone with a US address is eligible for coverage.
Maximum Benefit $500,000 ($100,000 in some residence states) medical benefits for accident or illness.
Deductible (Insured pays before insurance pays) $0
Accidental Death & Loss of Limb Common carrier accidental death $100,000
Trip Cancellation $100,000
Trip Interruption 150% of Trip Cost
Trip Delay $1,000 Max ($250/day)
Missed Connection $500
Change Fee $300
Baggage Delay $500
Lost Baggage and Personal Effects $2,500
Rental Car Damage $40,000
Medical Evacuation $1,000,000 for emergency medical evacuation. $50,000 for non-emergency medical evacuation. $10,000 for search and rescue
Repatriation of Remains $1,000,000
Pre-existing conditions Coverage for some pre-existing medical conditions during the trip if insurance is purchased within 24 hours of paying final trip payment and insured is not disabled from travel at time insurance premium is paid.
Sample Contract
Is iTravelInsured Travel LX Insurance for you?

Travel insurance program with the highest level of benefits that provides coverage for your trip investment against trip cancellation and trip interruption for any reason (optional additional benefit), and emergency medical expenses. Includes pandemic related medical costs as well as coverage for cancelled travel as a result of pandemic travel bans, travel alerts or warnings for levels 4+, or an evacuation order.

iTravelInsured Travel LX Insurance is our travel insurance with the highest level of benefits. It protects your investment in travel expenses against trip cancellation or interruption for any reason. Loss, theft, or delayed delivery of baggage and personal effects is also insured.

iTravelInsured Travel LX Insurance includes accident and sickness medical coverage, and medical evacuation and repatriation of remains benefits.

After submitting an application online successfully, you will receive an Email in a few minutes which contains your insurance documents.

More Information About iTravelInsured Travel LX Insurance
Maximum trip duration 180 days
Eligible to purchase at an age up to 99 years old
24/7 emergency travel assistance
Not all plans are available to residents of all states. You will need to click Individual get Quote / Buy Link to find plans available in your state
You can get a quote to compare all travel plans benefits and price without entering personal information
Premium rates depend on your age, travel costs, and trip duration
For other plan options consider Travel Lite or Travel SE