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Student Medicover Plans

Health Insurance for F1 visa International Students

TaiAn provides Insurance for International Scholars and Students for US visa holders (F1 visa, J1 visa, OPT, and M1 visa) and their dependents. TaiAn insurance meets the insurance requirements of most schools for visiting scholars and many schools for F1 students. Click on the link to see if TaiAn Insurance meets your school insurance requirements or consult TaiAn Customer Service. In some schools, TaiAn has no insurance to meet the insurance requirements of F1 students. In this case, TaiAn cooperates with Student Medicover to provide insurance for F1 students to meet the requirements of the school.

The chart below provides an overview of Student Medicover available plans. When you click the Enroll Now button below you will be directed to a Student Medicover web page. There you can select your school and visa type and find the options that meet your school requirements.

You can also email TaiAn ([email protected]) with your school name and visa type. We will tell you which plans meet your school requirements and how to waive your school plan.

Policy Type Elite
$129.90/30 Days
$106.20/30 Days
$73.50/30 Days
$57.00/ 30 Days $100 deductible
$53.40/ 30 Days $500 deductible
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Maximum Benefit (For each Injury or Sickness) No Overall Maximum Dollar Limit No Overall Maximum Dollar Limit $500,000 $500,000
Deductible (Preferred Provider) $0 Per Policy Year $100 Per Policy Year $50 Per Policy Year Option of $100 or $500 Per Policy Year
Coinsurance (Preferred Provider) 90% except as noted 80% except as noted 80% except as noted 80% except as noted
Out-of-pocket Maximum (Preferred Provider) $5000 Per Policy Year $6350 Per Policy Year

Pre-existing Waiting Period No waiting period No waiting period No waiting period 12 months
Preventive Care Services 100% of Perferred Allowance 100% of Perferred Allowance No Benefits No Benefits
Prescription Drugs (UnitedHealthcare Pharmacy) $15 Copay - Tier 1
30% Copay - Tier 2
50% Copay - Tier 3
$15 Copay - Tier 1
20% Coinsurance - Tier 2
30% Coinsurance - Tier 3
$20 Copay - Tier 1
30% Coinsurance - Tier 2
40% Coinsurance - Tier 3
No Benefits for UHCP